Real estate promoters dealing in their business

The REAL ESTATE PROMOTERS are the one who is dealing best in the REAL ESTATE BUSINESS. REAL ESTATE is a business where the Real estate promoters will help the client in selling and buying the flat or villas at market cost and better quality.REAL ESTATE PROMOTERS

The promoters give detailed description about the FLAT LOCATION , facilities around the flat , RATE and MAINTENANCE.

They provide different types of REAL ESTATE PROPERTY as follows

Vacant land
Residential areas
Commercial areas


VACANT LAND is an empty land or free space without any flat or villas.This type of VACANT LANDS are mainly used for FARM and RANCH. They provide the land which is rich in MINERALS and natural resources. This will be very helpful for the farmers and the ranchers who have cattle , sheep etc. for the exporting purpose of wool. This type of Real estate promoters will get a huge amount of COMMISSION.


RESIDENTIAL AREAS are provided for the client who look for the building for their RESIDENTIAL purpose.This is most preferred by family people who need house for their RESIDENCE use. There are types of residential areas like separate HOME, CONDOMINIUMS, VACATION HOMES and high value HOMES.


COMMERCIAL AREAS are for the commercial purpose like to own a OFFICE.

This type of land is preferred by the people where the LAND is VACANT so they can BUILD the office or choose the land where there is already a built office. It can be used for OFFICE, LIBRARY, MUSEUM, HOTEL, development site.

There are many people who are involved in our REAL ESTATE business. They are:

Real estate broker
Real estate agents
Real estate developer

Both the BROKER and AGENT are called as the intermediates who will communicate between the BUYERS and SELLERS who are BUYING and SELLING land. They get commission for matching the best SELLER and BUYER who are dealing with the REAL ESTATE process.


They have real ESTATE AGENTS who will help the BUYER to get a SELLER who sells at a cheaper rate and a seller to get the buyer who buys at their budget.The agents are well educated and are LICENSED sales person. Each agent work under REAL ESTATE BROKER.

There are three types of agents

Buyer`s agent
Seller`s agent
Dual agent


BUYER`s AGENT will work only for the buyer who wants to buy a BUILDING from a SELLER. This real estate agents get COMMISSION from the BUYER.


SELLER`s AGENT will work only for the SELLER who wants to sell the BUILDING for a buyer. They get COMMISSION from the seller.


There is an agent who work for both the BUYER and SELLER to sell and buy the building. This type of agents are called DUAL AGENT. They get commission from both the side.


REAL ESTATE BROKER is the individual who will have the agents to COMMUNICATE with the clients. The BROKERS are well educated from the universities and are also trained well. The real estate land brokers are the most important person in real estate business.


The REAL ESTATE DEVELOPERS will look after the whole process involved from the BEGINNING till the end. The DEVELOPERS are well trained and EXPERIENCED. They can handle all the hectic situation. These people are involved in the REAL ESTATE PROCESS. They also have Real estate promoters who will promote their business to a higher level in the market. The Real estate companies are those which runs these BUSINESS with the AGENTS, DEVELOPER and BROKER. These Real estate companies will have direct contact with the client and the DEALERS.


The real estate companies have all educated and well trained AGENTS, BROKERS and DEVELOPERS to deal with the real estate PROCESS. In Coimbatore, most of the real estate company have these people in their companies.

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